Belt Feeders

Belt feeders are used for feeding fine products. They are generally horizontal, but they are also used at certain angles according to the need. The material falls on the belt and is transported from there to the desired capacity with the determined speed. They are also used as dosing under the intermediate and final product silos.

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Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating Feeders are used for feeding primary, intermediate and final products. Primary feeders, which are designed to maximize production power, are manufactured as welded construction. The main feeding part of the feeders is flat, and there can also be one or two levels of grid at the end. The bottom of the feeders used for feeding intermediate and final products is generally flat. Feeding is done by the directed force of the vibration unit. .Gear boxes are used as vibration units. Recently, vibromotors are used as vibration units. Both feeder type, feeder dimensions and vibration force are determined according to the material size and capacity to be fed.

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Apron Feeders

Pallet Apron feeders work horizontally or inclined. Commonly, Apron Feeders are machines that work like a conveyor by sequentially arranging wear-resistant pallets fixed on the chain with bolts. These chains, to which the pallets are attached, are moved by sprockets on two heads. The high slope also allows to build compact plants and reduce the length of the feeder, keeping the investment costs low.

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Shaper Feeders

Shaper feeders are especially used for feeding sticky materials and provide optimum advancement to the material with the forward-backward linear stroke movement of the conveying table. General use and main advantages- Working with sticky and moist materials; simple and robust design; working with abrasive materials; low maintenance frequency and their low cost. The electric drive consists of an electric motor and a gearbox that drives a connecting rod / crank system connected to the device and provides its variable movements.