Primer bunker-2

Feeding bunkers

Feeding bunkers, with their heavy-duty structure in primary applications, overcome large loads and impacts. Even in difficult situations, all parts have a longer service life and maintenance costs are low. They are designed at different angles and types (without lining, lining or stone bed) according to the type and dimensions of the material to be fed. Again, depending on the material, the material is fed to the crushers with the desired capacity with vibrating,apron, vagel or belt feeders.

Ara Silo-4

Intermediate bunkers/silos

Intermediate bunkers/silos are used for the balanced operation of the facilities and for spreading the material fed to the secondary crushers. Intermediate bunkers, which are generally designed with stone beds, are produced rectangular or cylindrical. In the discharge section, they generally convey the material to the crushers via vibrating feeders. With the level sensors that can be attached to the intermediate bunkers, facility automation can be achieved.

Stok silosu-1
Stok silosu-2

Stock silos

In the facilities, stock silos are used for ease of loading vehicles. Generally, the intermediate bunkers, designed with stone beds, are produced rectangular or cylindrical. The material is loaded into the vehicles through the mouth opened with a remote control in the discharge section. If the products need to be loaded at a certain capacity, scales and belt or vibrating feeders are used. The level that can be attached to the stock silos Thanks to the sensors, it is possible to contribute to the automation of the plant.