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Pre Screens

Pre-screening sieves are reliable, with rigid drawn construction body and high performance. They are used in primary groups before jaw or rotor crushers. Thus, unwanted materials do not enter these crushers. In this way, both the product is cleaner and the performance of the crushers is increased.

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Fine Screens

Fine screens are used to sift small sized products that are difficult to sift through standard vibrating screens. These specially designed screens are inclined and perform screening with high frequency and non-directed force.


Vibrating Screens (Standard Screens)

Vibrating screens are used in all quarry and stream facilities to separate the crushed material in desired sizes. These screens perform the screening process with an inclined and non-directed force.

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Washing screens

Washing screens are similar to standard vibrating screens , but they allow the material to be washed by giving water from the top and intermediate floors according to the need. While the screens can be used as normal sieve wire, they can also be used as polyurethane in abrasive materials. These screeneres are inclined construction and work with undirected force, but generally inclined less than standard vibrating screens.