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We realize the products obtained as a result of the engineering studies and product designs, as well as the complete processes and facilities, in line with the wishes of our customers, with our local and global business partners with whom we cooperate.

864x432-Agrega ve maden

Aggregate and Mining Industry Machinery and Turnkey Facilities

GreyMech has taken part in large and small scale crushing and screening plant projects in the world with its knowledge and offers presents high performance and artificial intelligence compatible solutions to all users in the Aggregate and Mining sector by transferring this experience to every new project.
- Crushers
- Screeners
- Feeders
- Conveyors
- Washers
- Stockpiling units
- Control and automation systems

846x432-Mekanik ve Endüstrüyel Makinalar

Mechanical and Industrial Machines

GreyMech has the ability to develop joint projects with its customers in the manufacturing of production machineries and equipment used in all areas of the industry. Engineering studies such as aluminum extrusion presses and chip conveyors used in forest products have been completed.
- Hydraulic presses
- Production automation systems
- Wooden products and woodworking machinery

864x432-Çelik konstruksiyon

Steel Construction Applications

Engineering studies ,sales and after-sales services of all kinds of cranes, steel construction machinery, bunkers, transport platforms etc. used in production facilities are carried out by GreyMech.
- Cranes
- Special steel construction buildings

864x432-Kalıp aparat ve fikstürler

Mold, Apparatus and Fixtures

GreyMech provides the greatest support by improving mold production durations and quality levels by designing molds, apparatus and fixtures for all sectors, especially automotive metal and plastic parts, supporting production and performing pre-series part production.
- Sheet metal molds
- Hot forging dies
- Molds for plastic material
- Production apparatus and fixtures
- Quick mold clamping systems
- Robot and automation applications

864x432-Endüstrüel vanalar

Industrial Valve Manufacturing

GreyMech, which has been leading the way in R&D studies of industrial and natural gas valves and increasing the product variety, carries out the design, sales and after-sales services of the following product groups in the categories of stainless, steel and gray cast iron.
- Butterfly Valves
- Ball Valves
- Natural Gas Valves
- Check Valves
- Knifevalve
- Valve and attachments automatic control units

864x432-Proje bazlı makina

Project Based Machinery and Spare Parts Sales

GreyMech, making development for all new product needed for all kinds of sectors as its mission, provides the most important support such as design, material selection and supply for its customers. Addiditonally provides design and installation of production lines and complete plant installations for the tailor made products and projects to its customers.