We offer creative and
reliable solutions.

We offer creative and
reliable solutions.

Engineering Services

Greymech, with its employees, consultants, partners, subcontractors, local and global collaborations with different sectoral experiences, project planning in product development and process improvement in the fields of aggregate, mining, cement, wood products, automotive, machinery industry, energy, steel construction and industrial valves offers engineering services, including preparation and preparation.

620x310-Maden ve Agrega yerleşimleri

General Layouts of Mining and Aggregate Facilities

Greymech provides an engineering for sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for aggregates, minerals, globally. In line with the requested capacity, it offers the most suitable solutions for price performance criteria.
- Crushing and screening plants
- Mine and ore conveyor and storage lines
- Cement and concrete preparation facilities

620x310-Ürün dizaynı

Product Design, Machine and Equipment selection

We offer the most efficient alternatives to our customers in the selection of all kinds of materials, machinery and equipment to be used in the design and production line design of mining and aggregate facilities, cement and ore preparation facilities, wood industry, heavy industry and machinery manufacturing sector.
- Product design
- Material analysis
- Machine and equipment selection
- Receiving Product management and Line design

620x310-Tesis beton planı

Crushing and screening plants concrete plans

All kinds of concrete plans within the scope of cement factories, concrete plants, road construction companies, brick briquette manufacturers, stone crushing and screening facilities are created and built on site.

620x310-Taşıyıcı konstrüksiyon ve kuleler

Conveyor Construction Supports and Towers

All kinds of conveyor constructions, steel towers and structures needed in the facilities are designed quickly and reliably.
- Aggregate and mining facilities
- Cement and concrete plants
- Chemical processes
Woodworking and chipboard production facilities

620x310-Çelik silo

Steel Silos and Bunkers

Realization of steel silo and bunker designs for materials to be stored such as aggregate and cement products, agricultural products.


Steel Construction Structures

Designing facilities and industrial structures in cases where fast and durable production comes to the fore, designing all kinds of steel structures for production. In cases where fast and durable production comes to the fore, designing facilities and industrial structures, designing all kinds of steel structures for production.

620x310-Kalıp Aparat

Mold, Apparatus and Fixtures

Greymech provides the greatest support in improving mold production durations and quality levels by designing molds, apparatus and fixtures for all sectors, especially automotive metal and plastic parts, supporting production and performing pre-series part production.
-Sheet metal molds
- Hot forging dies
- Molds for plastic material
- Production apparatus and fixtures
- Quick mold clamping systems
- Robot and automation applications

620x310-Endüstüel vana

Industrial Valves

Greymech, which carries out pioneering work in R&D studies of industrial and natural gas valves and in increasing the product variety, carries out the design, sales and supply of the following product groups in the categories of stainless, steel and gray cast iron.
- Butterfly Valves
- Ball Valves
- Natural Gas Valves
- Check Valves
- Knifevalve
- Valve and Attachments Automatic Control Units

620x310-Üretim hatları tasarımı

Production Lines Design

Greymech, taking the development of every new product needed for all kinds of sectors as its mission, provides the most important support for the design, material selection and supply, design and installation of production lines and complete plant installations for the special products and projects of its customers.