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Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are generally used in all crushing and screening plants to ensure the transmission between the main machines and for stockpiling operations. Belt conveyor frames are generally pipe construction, and NPU profile and NPL construction frames are also used. Again, different designs can be used according to the customer’s request. Walkways, scrapers, covers are recommended to the customer according to the needs and the accepted ones are produced. Generally, the standard rear bolt tensioner system is used, but weighted tensioner systems are preferred for longer belts. Belt feet used between machines are designed vertically unless there is a special situation, but stock bands are generally used as V feet. Automatic or idler rotating bands are also used according to the need.



Elevators are used as a vertical transport system especially to reduce the length of the facility. They are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the product to be transported, and their outer bodies are metal. Depending on the type, size and desired capacity of the material to be transported, the engine speed, power, reducer and dimensions of the carrier buckets are determined.

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Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors, fixed and/or mobile augers in various diameters and sizes, are easy-to-use machines that save labor and are used to transport all kinds of powder or fine-grained materials from one place to another, to load and unload trucks. Our Electric Motor Driven Screw Conveying Machines work with 380 Volt electric energy and Diesel engine. The electric motor, the first belt pulley system, the trans shaft and the second belt pulley system transfer the movement to the helix leaf. With the rotation of the leaf, the product is pulled from the suction mouth at the back of the pipe, transporting, loading and stacking to the desired location from the pouring port in the front. Mobile augers are generally produced with idler wheels.

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Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors, working with the principle of dragging, offer the opportunity to use in many troubled areas with their geometric advantages. So, carrying options from the Floor or the Ceiling can also be seen as a solution.

Since chain conveyors are generally completely closed, they are the ideal choice for transporting very dusty materials. They can operate at high temperatures. Since they can make multiple distributions, they are generally preferred in silo-top distribution systems. Since they carry the material by scraping, they are not preferred in the transportation of fragile materials and their friction coefficient is high compared to other chain type conveyors due to the scraping factor.