How ready are you
for the future?

How ready are you
for the future?

Consultancy Services

Greymech always focuses on simplicity, efficiency and safety in product and process designs, production processes and facility and factory organizations. Our zero loss-oriented product design and management consultancy works on the efficient use of resources increase the efficiency and profitability of organizations.

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Management Consulting

Using the most advanced management techniques, we help you create solutions across your organization to grow, protect and restructure your business and organization.

As Greymech, we believe that we will create the greatest impact by working with our customers, and in all management processes of your organization, we provide the solution of the most urgent needs, efficiency-oriented growth strategies in the medium term and a sustainable business organization in the long term.

It is our main goal to strengthen the following business practices of our customers and to build a more inclusive and sustainable future together.

- Strategic Management and Sustainable Growth
- Business and organizational goals
- Corporate Finance and Strategy
- Operations
- Pricing and value Management
- Sales, Marketing and Customer Positioning
- Organization strategies, Restructuring

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Technical Consulting

Greymech, with its experience in both engineering and production, identifies opportunities for improvement in all areas of enterprises and provides technical consultancy services in R & D, engineering, functionality and efficiency studies related to products.

Greymech aims to provide the most accurate solutions in cooperation with organizations in renewing existing facilities, performing needs analysis in the supply of machinery and spare parts, determining specifications and purchasing conditions.

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Equipment and Material Selection

Equipment, which is the subject of investment in the facilities and businesses to be established, constitutes a large part of the total cost. Therefore, mistakes to be made about the equipment have a great impact on the future of the company while it is still in the foundation stage, by increasing the initial investment cost, as well as causing low capacity and high operating costs after commissioning.
Choosing a material on the products that will provide the required strength values in the product material selection also directly affects the product costs and constitutes the biggest factor in the realization of the products at the design stage.

Greymech supports its customers in making the right and most efficient choices by sharing their experiences in both areas.

- Analysis and selection of equipment and production tools
- Product material selection

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Production and Assembly, Monitoring and Control

An issue that is as important as the effect of correct calculations of both initial and expansion investments of enterprises and facilities is their production.

Greymech cooperates with its customers in the stages of finding production sub-companies to match the design, supply of products, controls during production and purchasing, monitoring of commissioning and assembly processes, and capacity verifications and acceptances.

- Determination of production methods and selection of companies
- Performing installation and commissioning works
- Production and assembly intermediate controls
- Performing final control and commissioning works